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Blank Manuskript

The Salzburg-based band BLANK MANUSKRIPT are an internationally successful chamber of musical wonder. Their uncompromisingly bizarre rock music has gained them a reputation for their originality. The music is characterized by its sophisticated symphonic arrangements as well as extensive psychedelic improvisations which will rock your musical senses. The mystical lyrics transport you into fantasy filled musical realms . Socio-critical escapism unites with creative excellence, creating contemporary programmatic rock for both insiders and seekers, far beyond the banal inhumanity of the media-machine. Special guests DANDELION CHARM from Newhaven, England, blend folk, prog and rock, with a sound reminiscent of the late ?60s and early ?70?s. Think Fleetwood Mac meets Opeth, CSN meets Yes. Intricate harmonies and epic outros tell emotional stories of disfunction, joy and despair.

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