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Television Personalities

Formed in 1977, by the genius singer songwriter Dan Treacy, Television Personalities have, ever since, influenced the worlds of punk, post-punk, indie, (it is highly arguable they were the very first British indie band) to a degree many hundredfold of that reflected by mere record and ticket sales. It was Dan's defiantly DIY approach to putting out his music which inspired Alan McGee to set up Creation, and his band has been name checked as an influence by Kurt Cobain, Evan Dando, Tindersticks and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Sadly a serious brain injury, sustained in 2011, continues to leave Dan Treacy unable to perform his music, In recent years though, line-ups of Dan's collaborators in the TVP's, notably long term members Dave Musker (Jasmine Minks) and Jowe Head (Swell Maps) have occasionally got together to perform these perfect pop songs, with the full endorsement of Dan and his loved ones, and with the great man receiving his full share of any revenue. They are often joined at these shows by special guests, who are fans and/or fellow previous collaborators. There gigs are always hugely celebratory and deeply emotional happenings. Join us as we continue to celebrate this great body of work.

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