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Ruts DC


Some band’s sound punk. Some look punk. Some even look and sound punk. And some, simply, are punk. London reggae-influenced punk rock legends The Ruts were early challengers to the misunderstood notion that punk was a somewhat luddite dogma wherein complexity, creative exploration and musical prowess were considered a shameful affectation. They clocked up three Top 40 hits in 1979 and 1980, including the no.7 smash "Babylon Burning" and scored two Top 30 albums. 

Renamed Ruts DC in 1981 - D.C. standing for the Italian term da capo, meaning "back to the beginning" - their songs move with a precise muscularity and carry lyrics of eloquent and graceful rage. No two-chord thrash with shouting over the top. Drums and Bass building the defence wall. Guitar and whatever else lobbed in stun/attack mode. That is Ruts DC. That is all you really need to know.

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