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Noisy, electronic, guitar-driven instrumental Sheffield post-rockers 65daysofstatic serve up a mixture of confusion, guilt, exhaustion and anger. Furious drum'n'glitch beats collide with walls of guitar noise, broken laptop clicks and tranquil pools of piano. There are no words. The band are still trying to articulate all that stuff that no-one's really invented words for yet. Senses are pulled in every direction - this is not happy music - yet the overall effect remains an uplifting experience.

Music that stares head on into the abyssal futures of late capitalism and refuses to blink. A melancholic, tireless soundtrack of acceleration. A feeling of frayed-nerved, time-smudged, light-speed drifting through cities built upon cities. Neon seen through rain-riddled windowpanes. Expect a stark, angular, stripped back slab of focussed noise. It wastes no time because there is no time left to waste.


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