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All The Young


There are fewer stories more harmonious to the plight of a modern rock and roll band than that of Stoke on Trent's All the Young. Catapulted into the indie mainstream from the doledrums of their hometown by Warner Brothers records back in 2011, the band led by brothers Ryan and Jack Dooley seemed to be on the cusp of something colossal, aiming to rekindle a guitar scene still reeling from the indie landfill hangover of the late naughties; only to fall folly to a musical climate not quite ready to engage with their stella soaked chords and hope fueled cry’s of abandon, just missing out on the UK Top 40 with their no.41 album, "Welcome Home."

A million quids worth of record label dosh and 3 years on a tour bus later, the band found themselves back in Stoke, down but not out. The songs, written by Ryan Dooley and perfected by the band were still flowing and their passion firmly intact. Humbled, reinvigorated and enlightened by their experiences, both in life and as brothers. Ryan and Jack set sail again on the goodship All the Young, armed with a forgotten war chest of heart pounding indie rock anthems; finally ready to be docked at port.

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