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The Bros. Landreth


Four bandmates. Two brothers. Canadian roots-rockers the Bros. Landreth serve up the bluesy wail of electric guitars, the swell of B3 organ, and the harmonized swoon of two voices that were born to mesh. At first listen, you might call it Americana. Dig deeper, though, and youll hear the nuances that separate The Bros. Landreth "whose members didn't grow up in the American south, but rather the isolated prairie city of Winnipeg, Manitoba", from their folksy friends in the Lower 48.

"Leave it to a group of Canadians to dish up some of the best Southern-style blues we wolfed down all weekend. . . a quiet storm of slide guitar solos, blue notes & three-part harmonies" - Rolling Stone.

"I havent liked a band as much as the Bros Landreth in a long time. Met and heard them the first time when we both played the Winnipeg Folk Festival this last July and they blew me away. Great singing, playing (killer slide guitar), songs and the band seriously kicks. It doesnt hurt that the'yre great looking and down to earth as well. To hear this kind of funky, southern style rock played ith such originality and soul will knock you out." - Bonnie Raitt.


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