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The Slow Show


There is a lot of truth behind the idea that ‘less is more’, especially as far as Manchester’s The Slow Show are concerned. With a name that manages to effortlessly encapsulate the band’s ethos, the Manchester-based four-piece harbour an innate ability to craft emotionally charged narratives, delicately layered across richly detailed compositions, which in turn, first appear to be within a minimal framework.

Between the start of the band around 2012 and their new album, this band had an amazing eight years. From their breakthrough 'White Water' on, it was clear The Slow Show was not 'just another band from Manchester.' The legacy of The Smiths, Joy Division and all those other great predecessors is not something to be trifled with, but The Slow Show didn't need to wear their address on their sleeve: this was something else, fully formed, with a mesmerising sound, rich in atmosphere and melody, with hints of The National. Americana with a stiff upper lip, you might want to call it.

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