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Ferris & Sylvester


With clear references in their catchy setup to the mid-60s sounds of Greenwich Village combined with their meatier blues tones, British duo Ferris & Sylvester sit somewhere betwen Jack White and First Aid Kit. 

Archie Sylvester’s voice, redolent of a grittier Lowell George, is warm and powerful yet bruised around the edges.

His fidelity is the keystone that emboldens Issy Ferris with the freedom to explore the emotions in her voice – at times she shreds her declarations like a twisted Janis Joplin, at others she exploses a bitter fragility reminiscent of Joni Mitchell.

The pair met three years ago in London's blues joint, Spiritual Bar, and have since won over the nation with their ever-growing live presence and songwriting, evolving their set in a distinct and unique combination of Americana, blues and rock'n' roll.

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