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Described as "a beautiful sound palette of dub, folk, blues, soul, and beat science" by Metro, "John Martyn with added stunning digital traces," by Uncut and "a brooding power reminiscent of a stripped down Nick Cave. A leftfield delight." by The Observer, Fin Greenall is an enthusiast.

Rather more so than you might expect, in fact, from someone with more than ten albums under their belt.

Whether he’s talking about his new re-recorded acoustic retrospective collection IIUII (“it isn’t until it is”) with accompanying book of music and life memories, about his childhood in the English West Country, or everything in between – and this is someone who’s lived a life and a half of hard graft and hard gigging in electronic, acoustic and even pop music already – that enthusiasm bubbles like someone half his age discovering the buzz of musical and cultural engagement for the first time.

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