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Osees (The Oh Sees)

With a stage show that’s best described as sweat-drenched, a blistering back catalogue and several name changes along the way - Orinoka Crash Suite (1997-2003), OCS (2003-05), The Ohsees (2006), The Oh Sees (2007), Thee Oh Sees (2008-16), Oh Sees (2017-19), and Osees (since 2020) - Psych-punk warrior, ear worm-farmer, and possessor of many stamped passport pages, trailblazer John Dwyer's Californian psych rockers have transmogrified to fit many a moment – from hushed druggy folk to groovy demonic pop chants to science fictional krautrock expanse and beyond – to suit his omnivorous whims.
It’s common knowledge, that at their shows, you’re there asking for a beating and, 20 years going, the shows keep getting more and more intense, as many a soupy swarm can attest. This is brain-stem body rock meets cerebral expanses, and their now du jour prolifically feeds a labyrinthine garden of well-hewn tunes.

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