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Richard III


Set in a world where self-serving ambition is paraded and pursued, and murder is committed and confessed with impunity, no one is safe from the Duke of Gloucester’s deadly quest for the throne. Following last year’s critically acclaimed production of A Midsummers Night’s Dream at The Globe Theatre, Director Elle White returns, accompanied by Artistic Director Michelle Terry in the title role.

In the aftermath of civil war, a sinister figure emerges. Determined to claw his way to political power at any cost, he is cunning and cruel with wit, just like his dagger, sharpened to a razor’s edge. His deformities are a testament to his brutal determination and deadly desire, as he employs ruthless tactics to eliminate anyone who stands in his way of the throne.

With each victory, he grows more paranoid and power-hungry, but as he rises higher up the political ranks, the consequences of his wicked deeds come back to haunt him. Despite the deadly shadows that loom over his kingdom, he remains steadfast in his quest for absolute power. But as the forces of justice draw near, he will soon realize that his dark designs may bring about his own downfall.

He is a man. He is a myth. He is a monster. He is Richard III.

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