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Rodrigo y Gabriela


Incredible Mexican acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo Sánchez and Gabriela Quintero have come a long way since first setting up camp in Dublin in 1999, despite not speaking any English.

Their second album, Live: Manchester and Dublin shot them to fame in 2004 thanks to their medley of Metallica's "One" and Dave Brubeck's "Take Five", which was first reimagined in their distinctive nuevo flamenco style on debut album "Re-Foc", two years earlier.

Their remarkable story has seen them swing from their thrash-metal roots back in Mexico City, via acoustic rock and Pink Floyd 'Meddle' era prog, to a passionate interest in Buddhism, the history of human evolution and the liberation of the potential we have as a species; all expressed through the medium of two acoustic guitars, while pushing themselves as writers, interpreters and players.


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