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Sham 69


Formed in Hersham, Surrey in 1976, Sham 69 lacked the art school background of many British punk bands of the time, and brought in football chant back-up vocals and sing-along populist political lyrics, which earned them a large often violent skinhead following (left wing, right wing and non-political), which helped set the tone for the Oi! movement.

They became one of the most successful punk bands in the UK, appearing on Top of The Pops and achieving five top 20 singles, including "If the Kids Are United", "Hersham Boys", "Hurry Up Harry" (later re-recorded as a Top 10 hit "Hurry Up England"), "Questions and Answers", and "Angels with Dirty Faces".

The original 1977 line-up has reunited for their 2024 tour.

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