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Two Strangers (Carry A Cake Across New York)


Penned by Jim Barne and Kit Buchan, we're getting a second helping of this delicious new British musical as it transfers to The Criterion Theatre from a sold-out run at The Kiln Theatre. Sweet! Pick up a cake and start your journey with Dougal and Robin. Filled with laughter, romance, and unexpected twists, anything could happen in this must-see musical as two people from different worlds cross paths, and then walk them together. Book your tickets now! 

Meet Dougal, a rather gullible and improbably optimistic Brit, who is travelling to New York for his father's second wedding…the father he has never met. Robin, the bride's sister, is waiting for him at the airport. She is a native New Yorker, but she doesn't have time to stop and take in the sights because she is running late for work.

Is it instant chemistry? Absolutely not.

However, with the city at their feet and a lavish wedding on the horizon, anything could happen.

Two Strangers (Carry A Cake Across New York) Tickets



Criterion Theatre

Sat 15 Jun 2024 - Sat 31 Aug 2024


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